Getting Started

I am terrible about posting things as I go along so the next several will be playing catch-up. To be honest until recently I have not felt motivated because of all the issues I have run into. I think I have turned a corner on progress though so lets catch up ….

We have been working on the bus since March. I work on the weekends in the morning before it gets hot. The first thing that must be done is to change the 16 year old rear tires and get the drive train serviced. I asked about the anti freeze the previous owner put in and all he could say was “I got it at O’reilly’s”, wrong answer. I knew immediately that I had to get the oil changed and radiator flushed so it would have the proper type of fluids in everything and driving on 16 year old tires was nerve wracking at best.

I work at a recycling center and buy tires for our OTR trucks regularly. Those tires are chinese imports that run around $220 dollars each. They work fine for that industry but I wouldn’t put them on the bus. Checking on Michelin, which has always been my preferred personal brand, thye were going to cost $700 each. Wow! I settled on Toyo M144’s they got great reviews and came in at $400.00 each. When they arrived I checked the date codes and my new tires were 3 years old. Nope, called the warehouse and told them that ain’t happening. They ordered 4 more straight from the factory and I got 4 tires that were only three months old. My company tire repair service mounted them and we were ready to head to the truck shop.

Off to the shop I went. I had them resolve a check engine light, change the oil, flush and fill the radiator, and rebuild one leaking hydraulic jack. These are all things that would just be too difficult to do at home. $1500 and a few days later it was good to go. I may attempt my own oil change next time but getting under the bus is quite the challenge. After the service we went for a three hour drive and all was well with the drivetrain. Everything performed great and we averaged 8.5 MPG over mixed terrain and primarily back roads. It will do better on the interstate I’m sure. While getting the service I had my new parking pad installed.

After arriving at the house I back onto my new parking pad for the first time and everything worked out perfect. So far We are feeling great about our purchase….

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