Another Failure but ….

If you recall in the process of renovation the refrigerator quit working. I had the infamous No Cold, Never Cold, Norcold. Rv absorption refrigerators are designed to be used with very little electric needs. In turn they are at best a compromise of technology. Making heat to make cold does not make sense in terms of efficiency and any little thing that is off will create warm temps. There is also the very real risk of a fire when things go really wrong. Since my unit was 15 years old I wasn’t going to repair it. New models of the same thing cost $4000.00. The only advantage to a new marginally performing style fridge is the fact it would fit the same space with no modifications.

After the successful replacement of the seals and toppers I was feeling pretty good so I started looking into residential style replacements. The Samsung RF18 french door model is the unit of choice but it gets terrible reviews. I looked more and found that GE makes a french door model GWE19J that has the same dimensions and includes an icemaker and an internal water dispenser. It is considerably more expensive but gets much better reviews. Dana happened upon one at a local open box/overstock store for the same price as the Samsung so I ordered it.

Removal of the old Norcold was pretty straight forward. Taking the shelves out and door off allowed for easy removal. Once out I took the cooling unit off the back so it would fit out of the door. The remaining cold box was very light and getting it out was pretty easy with Dana’s help.

The new fridge is the same width and depth as the old but is taller. I had to remove the drawers that were under it.

Relocating various wiring harnesses, moving furnace blower over a little, relocating the electrical outlet, and plugging the vents and access holes were fairly straight forward. I also removed the old gas line. There was evidence it had a tiny leak for a long time that had gone unnoticed so I am convinced the old fridge failed so I would find this. Thanks Karma 🙂 I needed to build a platform for the new one to sit on and it needed to be supported.

I was not going to have access to the top to keep it from tipping so I made some braces to prevent it. They weren’t going to be attached to the fridge so the measurements were crucial.

I also had to work through a small 3″ wide space that was 7″ to the floor to secure the rear. I attached a piece of angle iron to the fridge frame. I install a mounting block on the platform. It had to slide right over the top of the block so again measurements were critical.

There was no way to bolt down the front so I made some blocks to keep it from sliding out of the hole. The left to right movement was a moot issue because of the tight side to side clearance.

The new fridge fit through the door easily (with my two strong children doing the lifting) after taking the doors and hinges off with just some minor damage to the coach dash pad (could have easily been prevented but I was tired at this point). We stuck it in the hole for the first time and the side clearance was so perfect a piece of paper wouldn’t fit in there. Sliding it back under the anti tipping blocks we stopped and put the doors back on. One good push to it to the back. I needed a couple of spacers back there to level it but was lucky to have some shim stock so no problem there. My front blocks required some minor modifications but worked as planned. Replacing the freeze door, replacing shelves, and hooking up the water line was all that was left. Everything lined up almost perfect and worked as planned.

The new refrigerator looks amazing and looks like a factory install. It is huge inside compared to what we are used to. 18 CuFt compared to the 12 CuFt that was in there and the 9 CuFt that we use in the fifth wheel. Before we take it on the road I will have to make some door blocks and get some shelf bars to keep stuff from moving around. Heck we can store all our regular items in just the doors lol. If you are ever thinking of doing this it is a difficulty level 4 out of 5 but the end result is amazing. Next up is the carpet install. It is the only thing I am paying to have done. Stay tuned …….

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