Back in the swing ….

We are currently on our second stint in the “Bus”. For my birthday week we spent 10 days trying out everything we had remodeled, repaired, and tweaked and it went without a hitch. There are still a lot of things on my to do list but nothing major. The biggest surprise however was how much we love the residential fridge. If ever you are considering this upgrade it is a no-brainer.

I know I have mentioned how much we loved our fifth wheel before. We made it very comfy and easy to use. During the reno on the Bus I was concerned we wouldn’t be as comfortable and would have to make compromises. There was no merit in those worries. I believe there is actually more living space now and because of the extensive work, is even more tuned to our living style. All the counter space in the kitchen makes it so easy to cook now. I could never cook inside in the 5th wheel. I do slightly miss having a sofa to stretch out on but the loveseat we bought is so comfy it works fine. The added amount of storage is unbelievable. The Bus has worked out to be everything we had hoped for. So much easier to drive, setup, and breakdown even with the hooking/unhooking of the toad ( towed car).

This trip we are staying for 17 days. As I write this I can’t believe we are already at day 14. The larger tanks let us easily go all 17 without dumping and I believe we can go 21. I am really wanting to boondock somewhere once the weather cools down. Because everything is working, we have been able to really relax on this stay and just enjoy the alternate location. Even the puppies have settled in.

We are excited for our next trip. We are actually travelling this time and taking the Bus to Florida. I have a reservation at Top Sail RV Resort in Seaside, Florida. I will be sure to post a review. See ya next time and if you are in the market for a nice 5’er look me up.

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