First Solo Outing

Before life changed for me I had started this blog to have a record of and share our growth into the rv lifestyle. We were very busy getting ready and I never really had time to post to the blog. I am now going to attempt to capture my transition to a solo lifestyle while living in the rv. Although it is titled Enjoying Life, honestly that is not the case right now but I hope you can see the transition back to that.

Ironically the site I had reserved, we picked specifically because it faces the woods and provided isolation from passing traffic and the other campsites. Once I was set up I realized I would really like to see other people. I have not adjusted to the living alone thing just quite yet and in reality haven’t actually been alone with the family across the driveway. Even Sofi wondered where all the people are.

It is a really nice site. Level and lots of room. There is also plenty of shade if it was summertime. This will make a good starting spot for getting back into my cycling and running. Luckily for the times I get lonely I can call a friend and talk. Sofi has been a great companion through all of this and we talk alot too.

Sometimes I think she wants me to stop talking.

The first night was very quiet. No problems other than the normal reflections and slept pretty well. Day 2 came and I was able to stay busy most of the day walking and piddling around the campsite. after dinner I had a couple of drinks and was going to build a campfire but it seemed like a lot of effort for just me so I didn’t. Where a couple of drinks normally loosened things up all it did was seem like a waste. I made it almost to bedtime then suddenly had to talk to a real person so I got on the phone and talked for 2 hours. that really helped me and I was able to sleep well again. Sunday provided an opportunity to get back on my bike. Also I was going to get to talk to real people as a couple of friends were going to stop by for a few minutes. I don’t know if it was that or the beautiful weather but I got in a decent ride for the second time out in a year. 20 miles. I ran into a couple of folks on the trail I recognized also.

Tonight is a little better. I got my people fix and feel good getting in some exercise. No alcohol tonight and I will be ready to go back to work in the morning. We will see what that brings. I will come up with a schedule of when I will make updates but based on my previous record we shall see how it goes.

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